Still Living Life

Ansel Adams said “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer…”. In his infinite wisdom, Ansel Adam’s encapsulated the what I believe all of us intuitively know. There is a belief that this genre of photography is easy and anyone can do it. Perhaps. anyone with a camera can exercise their right to dabble in this arena – but to do it right, takes a level of skill that to time, training, patience, and more importantly, vision to do right.

The ability find the right composition and the ability capture it according to one’s vision is paramount to a successful landscape picture. When executed correctly, the photographer will have captured detail in the shadows and the detail in the highlight area of the photograph.

The amazing work of contemporary photographer Michael Kenna carries on the supreme test for a photographer by crafting pictures that brings on some other worldliness.

When working in color, the photographer must adhere to the rules of skill, composition, patients and vision. Zach Schnepf is a master of color landscape photography.

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